Tainan Air Baseó1958

††††††††† Jim Nelsonís Photographs


Everywhere we look, something seems to be going on.

Directly in front here, it looks like a concrete forms storage area, waiting until they are needed again. Lots of concrete was poured in Tainan.†

There are many men working on the electric poles.† If you look closely, there are a number of men on every pole down the line, and up here at this end, two fellows are readying the next pole for the crane.

Exciting days these were.† You know, when you work in construction, the satisfaction of seeing it complete and operating in the way it was meant, must bring something special to your spirit.† Yes it must..

Interesting picture.† The water lines are going in, but, who knows where on Tainan AB this picture was taken from.† I donít think it was shot from the water tower.† My guess, one of Jimís friends hoisted Jim up-high using the crane and Jim was able to shoot this picture.

I notice a few things here.† Some ammo bunkers, a few POL tractors and trailers and some military tents off to the right side.

Could this shot be looking at the main base across the runway? If you look closely, you can make out what appears to be a large aircraft just in the center top of this picture, and maybe the control tower along the string of buildings to the left of the aircraft?†


On the road to Jimís unit sleeping quarters, mess hall and company offices and shops.† My guess,† the facility was located on the southern end of the base, it was constructed just off to the side of a concrete taxi way.

Jimís home away from home, located right on the taxi way.† Can you image being asleep in the middle of the night and one of those F-86ís passes your front door toward the runway to take off?† Guaranteed nightmares!

Windy today, those palm trees area leaning heavy.† These guys showed up to help build Tainan AB and while they were there, they made their skimpy quarters look nice, planted trees, put in butt cans, brick curbing and even brought in electrical power.† A nice looking place.†

Who can name the nomenclature of this vehicle?

Update: M-37 3/4 Ton Utility Vehicle.

Iím not sure what responsibilities the women had in the construction,† but we have a couple of photographs of the women working.† Interesting how they dressed.† I first noticed this when I arrived in Hawaii.† The women who worked in the Pineapple fields harvesting the fruit would be covered from head to foot.† The 2 women are similarly dressed in this photo.

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